Select two trees from your seedbank
Evolve! Real Tree Facts:Did you know? This is where 'real' tree facts will go once they've loaded. ©2012 Kris Harris. Built with jQuery and Processing.js in 48 hours for Ludum Dare #24. Shameless plug: Buy my apps!

Download a zip of the entire project's source.

This is your seedbank.

It contains all the trees you know about.

This is the tree you're trying to create.

This is the treevolver.

Load two seeds into it, then press the Evolve button to combine them into a new type of tree.

A couple tips:

Often there will be more than one outcome for each combination.

Trees can be combined with themselves.

Pay close attention to the TreeNA fingerprints displayed below the Treevolver. See if you can figure out what they mean!

Good Luck!